Impact Video

Impact Videos are essential ways to communicate your services, projects, and products in the Information Era. An impact video is the best way to create an audience willing to hear what you’re all about. Today’s online users are more likely to find out about something with a video than through written descriptions.

Kickstarter, the popular website that allows users to generate funds for their projects by tapping into new media, knows any pitch made for funding needs to have a video explaining exactly what the project is. Your video is the most necessary part of your pitch. It is not an afterthought. For most viewers it is the only part of your pitch they will see. Essentially Kickstarter requires your to create a type of impact video.

What else can you do with an impact video? Imagine opening your website or social network page and seeing your very own impact video. With this you are able to:


1. Introduce yourself to potential clients.

2. Explain your social media apps and services.

3. Earn contributions and donations towards a project.


Are you a self-practitioner or in business for yourself? Are you marketing a new social media app or online service? Or are you looking for a creative way to raise funds for a project?

These are all great reasons to k’nect to your audience with an Impact Video!

You’re probably thinking I need an Impact Video to explain what Impact Videos are, and you’re right! As I k’nect more people through these media, the concept and purpose of an Impact Video will become clearer through the sample work. Stay tuned for a new Impact Video K’nected is creating for an social media company called BlitzLocal, and for K’nected Media’s video that tells you what Impact Videos are.

In the meantime, check out a sample video of an acupuncturist (a self practitioner) in Portland, Oregon. Created in 2009, the video is missing key elements of impact-messaging, yet it was videos like this that led K’nected to discover a style and a type of messaging that is both explanatory and personal.



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